CNS Global Advisors
CNS Global Advisors provides services to support corporate growth and project development in two practice areas

Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

CNS Global Advisors helps clients make key decisions designed to achieve organizational, growth, and financial objectives.

Companies large and small regularly encounter opportunities and challenges that require management and shareholders to seek guidance to maximize benefits and minimize risks. We work to analyze domestic and cross-boarder opportunities and challenges, assess the tools available to effectively navigate the market and state of affairs, develop a strategy to capture value from the opportunity or minimize impact of the challenge, and support our clients to execute the strategy.

CNS Global Advisors pools our core-team industry expertise to develop perspectives, resources, and capabilities to provide guidance which prepares our clients for the challenges and opportunities ahead. 


Our approach is interactive. We do not produce generic white papers, or craft strategies for others to execute. We work to analyze the domestic or international opportunity or challenge, assess the tools available to address the objectives, and in consultation with the client develop the strategy and execute it.

Corporate development

  • International Corporate Growth Strategy
  • Corporate Governance
  • Portfolio Company Growth & Development Strategies
  • Identifying Strategic Acquisition Targets
  • Corporate Governance Advisory
  • Research & Analysis
  • Marketing & Corporate Communication
  • Developing and Structuring Partnerships with the Private Sector


Commerical diplomacy

  • Accessing a Global Network
  • Gathering & Evaluating Intelligence
  • Marketing to Public Sector entities
  • Negotiating with Public Sector entities
  • Structuring Partnerships with the Public Sector entities and related Representatives
  • Foreign Direct Investment Advisory
  • Navigating Multilateral Governmental Bodies