CNS Global Advisors provides strategic advisory services to private entities and governments seeking to expand and execute on global opportunities. 



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Market Access. We provide market entry, growth, and exit strategies for companies seeking to expand or deepen operations abroad and in the U.S.

Technology Transfer. We promote business development through technology export and joint ventures in new markets. 

Investment Strategy. We expand business opportunities through licensing, export, and joint ventures in new markets, ensuring that knowledge, manufacturing methods, and technology are utilized and improved upon by more users while protecting intellectual property.  

Trade and Investment Promotion. We provide guidance and counseling throughout the process of exploring investment opportunities, by offering expertise, data, and local intelligence to guide your decision making process.  

Trade Promotion Abroad. We advise regional and municipal governments abroad in expanding commercial operations and business relationships to the U.S. 



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CNS Services Strat

Gather and analyze critical intelligence on markets, industries, and businesses

Collect and analyze intelligence on private and institutional investors

Conduct risk analysis

Perform due diligence



Assess internal operations, management, and resources

Evaluate products and services

Set goals and milestones

Assess risks and obstacles to achievement of goals

Develop and execute a strategic road map

Comprehensive representation for communications with businesses, governments, and investors

Relationship development and management with strategic contacts and organizations

Negotiation strategy and support

Production of tailored marketing and communication materials

Translation services

Presentation and pitch training




Leverage CNS Network to identify, develop, and manage strategic partnerships

Recruit and manage professional services teams, such as investment banks, and legal and accounting firms.

Identify and arrange supply chains and distribution partners

Perform due diligence

Support agreement negotiations

Identify strategic and operational synergies, and help partners align incentives